How to Install Google Button +1 on Blog

Some time ago Google launched a new feature that google +1 button, this key functions is to recommend a website to your friends, relatives or others. Then how the recommendations would be displayed? recommendations will be displayed in the Search Engine Google, but for the moment this feature is only available at instead of in sad:. Many are increasingly pressing the +1 then the higher the position of our blog in google search results.

Regardless of the many pros and cons associated with the launch of +1, but the step from google this would indeed be very effective in google search results. When speaking about the search results will definitely be menjerumus to SEO, Would there be significant changes? we wait until the implementation of google in +1.

How to Install Google Button +1 (Manual):


Scroll a little down then there will be a textbox like this:

Put the script in the header.php the head. and for the placement of the button yourself using code <g:plusone> </ g: plusone>, placement can be anywhere, but in my opinion is better placed beside the Post Title.

How to Install Google Button +1 (Automatic):

For users of Wordpress CMS, do not bother using the manual method because there are already plugins to display google +1 button easily, for example:

At least by using the automated ways you can add +1 button without having to know any scripts: oops:. But the manual method was also not a frightening thing, you can learn a little about the script by using the manual method.
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How to Easily Create Text Area on Your Blog

Text Area serves to facilitate visitors to copy the link of our blog. To facilitate you understand what the text area, please divert your attention to the right-hand column of my blog, under the heading LINK EXCHANGE, there is a box that contains text in HTML code, that is what is called the text area. Well by looking at examples, then we can say that the text area is the area or a place to store the text or text with forming a new area. Usually this text area used to store the HTML code or other text to be copied by the visitors.

To create a text area, please copy the code below:

<p align="center"> <textarea name="code" rows="9" cols="20"> Write text or code you want here, then your article will appear later in the text area </ textarea> </ p>

Description: rows = "6", shows the height of the text area, so if you want the text area high then please replace the number "6 had a higher number value.

Cols = "20", shows the width of the text area. If you want the text area width then please replace the number "20" had a higher number value.
Text Area using Highlight ]

There are other variations of this makes the text area, namely the text area by using the button highlights. with the key highlights of this will make it easier for visitors to copy the entire text or code that is given, because with just a single tap it on the highlight button above, then the entire text or code in it will be in the highlights and live in copy only. This facility is particularly useful when the text or code that is given role in a number of very much and this will reduce the risk of lagging a text or code for the copy. To create a text area using this highlights please copy the HTML code below:
<div> <form name="copy"> <div align="center"> <input onclick = "javascript: this.form.txt.focus (); ();" type = "button "value =" Highlight All "> </ div> <div align="center"> </ div> <p align="center"> <textarea style =" WIDTH: 300px; HEIGHT: 144px "name =" txt "rows =" 100 "wrap =" VIRTUAL "cols =" 55 "> save your writing here, then the text you write will appear here and ready to be copied by the visitors </ textarea> </ p> </ div > </ form> 
In order to fully understand the code above, I will describe a little. The code above has two elements, namely elements of the code to create a button that reads Highlight All, and the second is an element of the code to make the text area.

All highlight key elements:

    1. <div align="center"> -> said the center shows that the position will be in the middle, so if you want to position buttons on the left edge, just replace the word left. And if you want to be on the edge of the right, just change the words right.
    2. <input onclick="javascript:this.form.txt.focus();this.form.txt.selec()"> -> this code means that when the highlight button is clicked, then the entire text is in it will be in highligt (on ​​the mark or in block), so you do not alter this paper.
    3. Value = "Highlight All" -> Highlight All are words that will appear inside the button, so if you want to change this article, please replace the word you want

Element text area:

    1. <p align="center"> -> This shows that the text area will be in the middle, well if you want the text area you are on the left edge, replace the word center with left, if you want on the right edge, replace the word right .
    2. <text style="WIDTH: 300px"> -> word "WIDTH: 300px" indicates the width of the text area of 300 pixels, so if you want to shorten or extend the width of the text area, you just replace it with the number you want. eg: "WIDTH: 700px;"
    3. HEIGHT: 144px -> number "144px" indicates that the text area will have a height of 144 px, so if you want to change it just change it by the number you want. For example: HEIGHT: 160px.

Sample text area using button highlighted above, load the scripts to protect the visitors from the right click. scripts are in use if you do not want your writings in the copy and paste by visitors. for those interested please copy and then plug in your HTML code between the code <HEAD> and </ HEAD>, good luck!
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How To Install Google Analytics on the your Blog / Web

Google Analytics is a free service from Google that serves to analyze your blog / web buddy, so my friend can know the traffic your blog / web buddy, knowing the number of visitors, visitor behavior, so my friend can know what content is on a lot of visitors looking at blogs / web pal. Google analytics also plays a major role in SEO optimization, which is why I immediately plug the GA / Google Analytic this into my blog.

Here's How to install Google analytics on your blogspot:

1. Go to Google Analytics in
2. Then you can login / access with a direct click on "Access Analytic".
You'll be required to register your blog / web. Follow the instructions until you get the script code that will be installed in your blog.

3. Then install the Google Analytics code in your blog / web.

4. Done, your blog / website you've recorded by Google Analytics. If the new install / new warning sign will appear later (!).

So, have a blog / website you are in pairs of Google Analytics?. If you can not try it now.

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How to Create Scroll On Blogspot Blog Archive

Hello friends ... Usually when you post the article pretty much later on the blog archive on your blog will become longer. This certainly will make the blog pages get longer down (especially if arvhive blog with the view hierarchy) which of course will make our blog a little more weight.

That's why you need to make a scroll on a blog to archive your blog page does not extend to the bottom. How do you make it?.

Well here's how to make the scroll on your blog archive:

1. First entrance into acount Blogger or Dashboard

2. Select Layout, then click Edit HTML

3. First check Expand Widget Templates

4. Find the code like this: <div id='ArchiveList'> or Archive 

5. To facilitate the search, just use Ctrl + F, continue Copas said above, then click next

6. If so, add the following code red color as the scroll

7. The full code is as below:

<b:includable id='main'>
<b:if cond='data:title'>
<div class='widget-content'>

<div style='overflow:auto; width:ancho;height:300px;'>

<div id='ArchiveList'>
<div expr:id='data:widget.instanceId + "_ArchiveList"'>
<b:if cond='data:style == "HIERARCHY"'>
<b:include data='data' name='interval'/>
<b:if cond='data:style == "FLAT"'>
<b:include data='data' name='flat'/>
<b:if cond='data:style == "MENU"'>
<b:include data='data' name='menu'/>
<b:include name='quickedit'/>
8. Figures 300px is the height of the scroll box, please adjusted to your taste

9. Maybe your blog code is different, therefore a similar look and to try, do not forget to keep backing up your template first
10. If it do not forget to save your template and give comments on my article, ok.

11. Done.
That's how to make a scroll on the blog archive that can make your blog easier. The result you can see in my blog archive, I have complete scroll.

Ok, may be useful for you.
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10 Great Mysteries of the Universe

The world is full of mystery. The important thing we always remember to God.  
Here are 10 great mystery of the world:


 As the evil Superman, Bizarro, the particle (normal matter) also have opposite versions of themselves called antimatter. For example, an electron has a negative charge, but the antimatter positrons have a positive charge. Matter and antimatter annihilate each other when they collide and their mass is converted into energy via Einstein's equation E = mc2. Some futuristic spacecraft designs incorporate antimatter engine

2.Cosmic Background Radiation

 This radiation is also called the Cosmic Microwave Background (CMB) which is the remnant radiation that occurs when the Big Bang birth of the universe. First detected in the decade of 1960 as a radio noise that appear scattered throughout the universe. CBM is considered as the most important evidence of the truth of the Big Bang theory. Accurate measurements by the WMAP project showed that the CMB temperature is -455 degrees Fahrenheit (-270 Celsius).

3.Extrasolar planets (Exoplanet).

Until the early 1990s, we only know our own planet in the solar system. However, today astronomers have identified more than 200 extrasolar planets outside our solar system. Search the Earth both seem to have succeeded until now. Astronomers generally believe that better technology is needed to find some of the world as on earth.


Neutrinos are elementary particles are massless and uncharged metal that can penetrate the surface. Some of the neutrino is penetrating your body while reading this article. Particles "phantom" was produced in the nucleus of stars and supernova explosions. The detector is placed beneath the surface of the earth, below sea level, or into a large chunk of ice as part of IceCube, a special project to detect the presence of neutrinos.

5.Mini Black Hole

 If the theory of gravity "braneworld" radically new and proven correct, then scattered thousands of mini black holes in our solar system, each about the size of the atomic nucleus. Unlike black holes in general, these mini black holes are the remnants of the Big Bang and affect space and time in different ways. 

6.Vacuum energy.

 Quantum physics tells us that contrary to appearances, empty space is a bubble made ​​of subatomic particles "virtual" who are constantly being created and destroyed. The particles that occupy each cubic centimeter of space with a certain energy, based on the theory of general relativity, produces antigravity force that makes more space to expand. Until now no one really knows the cause of the universe's expansion. 

7.Gravity Waves

Gravitational waves are distortions fabric of space-time predicted by Albert Einstein's theory of general relativity. The wave propagates in the speed of light, but weak enough so that scientists hope to detect them only through a colossal cosmic events, such as the merging of two black holes as in the picture above. LIGO and LISA are two detectors designed to observe these elusive waves.

8.Dark Matter 

Scientists think that dark matter (dark matter) is the largest constituent of the universe, but can not be seen and detected directly by current technology. Candidates range from heavy neotrino to invisible black holes. If dark matter really exists, we still must require better knowledge about gravity.


Quasar glistened at the edge of the universe that we can see. Quasars release energy equivalent to the energy of hundreds of galaxies combined. It could be that quasars are a very large black hole in the hearts of distant galaxies. This image is the quasar 3C 273, which was photographed in 1979.

10.Collision Between Galaxies.

Apparently each other galaxies can "eat" each other. Even more surprising is the Andromeda galaxy is moving closer to our Milky Way galaxy. The picture above is a simulation of Andromeda and our galaxy collisions, which will occur in about 3 billion years.

Hopefully this article add your insight!

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