How to Install Live Traffic Feed Feedjit widgets on the Blog

Live Traffic Feed Widget important enough for you to find out where the origin of the blog visitors come from. Here's how to install the Live Traffic Feed on blogspot:
1.Go to

2.Then click the "Choose Your Feedjit".

3.Then select the Free and click Sign Up.

4.Then complete the form, then click "Get Your Traffic Feed!".

5.Then you fill customization. Do not forget the checklist in the "Show where visitors CAME from" to know what web visitors of your blog come from. Then click "GO".

6. Then click the button "Click to open a new window and install it on blogger."

7.Later will come a new window for automatic installation into your blogger. You can just click the "ADD WIDGET".

8. Done, your blog is equipped Feedjit Live Traffic.

That's an easy way to install Live Traffic Feedjit. For my friend who blogs not in pairs this widget, let's immediately in pairs, ni quite important you know. Good luck ya ..:-)
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