How to Resolve Disputes on the Paypal transaction

A few days ago my Paypal account there was a taxable transaction "Dispute", meaning the dollars that we receive have not been "completed" but status is still "held". So even though there are dollars that go but balancenya ga add, this is very frustrating, because could be detrimental to our Paypal account.

There are two kinds of dispute:

The first dispute due to shipping are not valid, the intention is when someone else sent the dollar into our Paypal, the person is using a different IP and Paypal detect it, to protect the sender's account is temporarily held paymentnya in / not yet completed. During the held, we are asked to respond to pyment be completed.

Secondly because the delivery canceled / not desired by the sender. Such payment is irresponsible. The point is when people send money to us, after several weeks of the dispute is submitted to Paypal with a variety of reasons, of course this is hurting us. This could lead to fraud.

You can see the picture above, to dispute the first transaction was canceled because of delivery / unauthorized while under dispute because it uses a different IP.

The fix?

We as the receiver needs to communicate with the sender because the two-way communication is in need. For us as a recipient of funds, a move that hrus done is we log into our Paypal account and then click the "Resolution Center".

Then click the response, then there are 4 choices, we can select the first yng ie "I have not shipped the item yet", the aim is for the sender to win so that funds can be refund and the person may repeat paymentnya to us. This is so much easier because then we just fill out the form contents sender's address, description and our telephone number. For information / additional information can be filled with "I have not sent" in bahasa. After that, click submit and then the status will be being Reviewed by Paypal. We wait in 7hari to be completed and refunded to the sender and we can recommend that do pyment again. Importantly there is no dispute and Paypal we can be safer.
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