How to Install Easy Clock Widget in Blog

Clock Widget is important enough to show the time, mainly to remind visitors what the blog is now days yes, what date ya. How to put it on a blog is easy, you can follow the guidelines below:

1.Click the widget clock that is in the top left corner of my blog, then will appear link.

2.Thenyou can simply select the clock model, such as a digital model, please click the menu on the left Digital websites.

3.Then you select different forms, after suitable to your liking, immediately wrote click on "View HTML tag" below a picture at his watch.

4.Kemudian click "Accept". After that you select the size and color and adjust the settings GMT, select the GMT +7 Jakarta.

5.Then directly copy the html code below it and post it on your blog.

Well how to put it quite easily. For example placed in the top right corner like my blog. The way you paste the following code before the code </ body> in the Edit HTML blogspot.

<div align='left' style='position: fixed; top: 0px; left: 0px;'> <script src='' target='new'/> language='JavaScript' <script type='text/javascript'> obj = new </ Div> 

Then click on SAVE TEMPLATE and the result will be like my blog is the location of the position of the hour. Sorry, I did not include screnshotnya because the picture is quite clear later. Ok, good luck ..:-)
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