Know the Global Dashboard

Having successfully created a blog on WordPress, wordpress tutorial to learn next is learn to recognize Global WordPress Dashboard. Global WordPress Dashboard is the same function with Dashboard on Blogspot (if you have a blog on Blogspot). What can we do this in WordPress Dashboard? let's discuss.

On the WordPress Global Dashboard have some Menu

     1.Dashboard, this menu to set up and manage everything about our blog, will be discussed separately in the next article on this blog
     2.Blog Stats or Statistics Blog, contains statistics tenytang our blog, such as the origin of visitors, number of visitors etc, these statistics can be viewed pad unit daily, weekly or monthly
     3.Blog Surfer, contains about blog2's other relatives, friends or family who has a blog at
     4.My Comments, to track komentar2 we've ever made on, so you can see when people reply to your comment.
     5.Tag Surfer, is a collection of blogs on posting2 that have a common theme or tags with the blogs that you created
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