Most Easy Ways to Display Blogspot Mobile Version

Apparently there is the easiest way to display the blogspot in our mobile phone into a mobile version automatically, without the need to insert some javascript. I know this way when I try of course. So if we access our blogspot at the phone then automatically the emergence of a mobile version with a capacity which is certainly smaller and faster loading. The trick is to adjust the settings in our blogger.

This is the easiest way to change / display the blogspot in Mobile to the mobile version automatically:

1. Log in to your and then click "Settings".

2. Then click the "Email & Seluller".

3. Then you select "Yes. Show the template cell in mobile devices." You can click Preview to see the preview.

4. Then click "SAVE SETTINGS".

Well now your blog will automatically change to the mobile version when accessed via mobile phones and later there is also a web version of the option, if you want the change looks to be a web version as if accessed via computer. The advantage is clear to speed up loading at HP for not eating too much family planning, since its capacity is small, usually less than 20KB.
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