How to easily create widgets Facebook Fan Pages on blogspot

Your blog may be less complete if no widgets his Facebook fan pages, because the widget is pretty important so that visitors can join the facebook page of our blog. The point is to increase the value of our blog because it can indicate the number of people who like our blog. And later on we can use to each other "Like" blogs other friends who also have a facebook fan pages.

The following is how:

1. Open
Later came a new window / new tab, and then you select the "Like Box".

 2. After that you address the content of your blog page fan pages, and set her appearance. Examples like this:

3. After your liking, then click "Get Code" to get the code. Later there are 2 ie codes and code XFBML iframe code, choose the second one is XFBML for the tide to your blog.

After getting the code, you can simply paste it in your blog.
Good luck!
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