Easy Listening Radio Online on the Internet

When we're accessing the internet we can while listening to Radio Online on the Internet. If you just listen to MP3's usual thing, but if we can listen to online radio must have the sensation itself. There are many ways to find and listen to online radio, from listening directly through the website free online radio stations or using software to online radio. My friend can listen to online radio streaming via Indonesia that has been available on the internet. Cal but I will discuss the easiest course, that online radio listening via Windows Media Player which is usually already on the computer.

To listen to Radio Online, man must have an internet connection kenceng buferring aka fast so as not to continue, so it can be smoothly in listening to his music. Listen to radio online is very suitable for my friend who access the Internet through an already available Warnet ..:-), speakers of course because the internet access in the cafe usually wear Telkom Speedy is loading fast enough.

Ok, Here's How to Listen to Online Radio in Windows Media Player:

1. Open Windows Media Player on your computer.

2. Then just click the menu "Radio Tuner". Will there be a radio station selection according to the genre. You just select it according to your taste.

3. For example here I choose "Alternative Rock" radio station and then show the option. Then I click it into two, because I want to listen to Hard Radio 104. Then just click the listen wrote.

 That means listening to Radio Online, easy and not complicated. The one in your computer's existing Windows Media Player. If not there then it could be installed first. Way too easy, do not need to download the software because it is usually already there. You need only wrote him out, the way my friend open the music file, then click open with Windows Media Player, then will appear the automatic installation instructions.

Ok, Welcome to listen to Radio Online!
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