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This movie is great because I was watching it. The core of this film is told about the existence of aliens that threaten the population, until finally they fought against these aliens. The following is a summary of the story.

Jake Lonergan (Daniel Craig) can not remember what had happened to him. He did not even remember who he is anymore. All she knew, when you first wake up, in a circular wrist shackles oddly shaped that he could not release. Do not know what to do, the only hope is to find information in a nearby town.

When Jake entered the small town of Absolution, everyone seemed to try to escape. Jake finally knew that he was actually a villain who hunted in many places including at Absolution own. Absolution itself is a city that is under the control of Colonel Woodrow Dolarhyde (Harrison Ford). Like most law enforcement, Dolarhyde also want Jake's head.

Before long, the problem became more complicated when Absolution suddenly attacked by a force from the sky. No one can survive this catastrophe. At the same time, Jake began to recover memories and he realized that the shackles that had been attached at the wrist could be the key to saving the entire population of the city Absolution of attack this creature from another planet.

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