5 Ways Most Unique In Drawing

Here are some of the extreme and unique ways to paint:
1. Butt Painting

 This painter named Stephen Murmer.Dia an art teacher at a state school Virginia.Tapi he was fired because school officials disagreed with how to paint, on the use (sorry) ass. Stephen abstract painting by using the butt and sometimes even using their genitals for specific details.

2.Breast Painting

This woman came from Tasmania (Australia). He changed the paint brush by using his chest to create an abstract lukisan2. He was inspired to use this technique from the internet. He marked each of his paintings by using the nipples so that his work can not be faked. (so do not use a signature).

3.Tongue Painting

Ani K is a teacher from India who uses his tongue to paint. He did so because it was inspired when he saw a man painting by using the feet. Although he suffered from pain in the neck and body by doing so, but he was very pleased, because for such a unique way, he can create a painting that is incredibly beautiful.

4.Teeth Painting

Christopher Kuster is an artist who paints by using his teeth.Chris is undergoing treatment since he never had an accident when she swam in 1992. Accidents tersebuat make the left side of his body became paralyzed.
But he should be proud, because even though he was paralyzed, he could make a very beautiful painting.

5. Eyeball Painting 

Xiang Chen is an artist who has an unusual talent. These artists can paint calligraphy under his eyelids. With her ​​eyelids and a little campran art, then be an incredible beautiful paintings. 

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