How To Overcome Blog / Web When Disable Right Click

Often we visit a blog or website and if the article or its contents interesting, there may be a desire to do copy and paste, even though only one sentence. But it turns out there are some blogs / websites that disable right click so that should not be anyone to copy and paste the miser y. .. wow .:-(. So when we right click it will be in decline, blogs / web will reject that on the mark with emergence javascript message.

Do not worry, it can be overcome. Here's how to overcome your blog / web that disable right click:

For Mozilla Firefox

Method One:

Click on Tools => Options => Select the content tab => uncheck enable javascript => click OK!. With disable javascript then functions like Reply Comment if using WP Thread Comment Plugin become dysfunctional. To fix this use the second way.

Or Both Ways:

Click on Tools => Options => Select the tab content -=> Advanced => then uncheck Disable or replace context menus. This way you will be able to right click and javascript still functioning.

Press F12 to disable the Opera browser (unchek) javasript.

For IE: Click Tools-Internet Options-Advanced-Browsing in the submenu unchek enable websites to use the search pane * and then click ok.

For other browsers like Google Chrome just stay adjusted.
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