Easy Ways to Overcome Error bX-fa9wwp When Login to Blogger

Sometimes when we want to log into Blogger was not able to enter because there is a problem Error in blogger error bX-fa9wwp namely, what this means?. Of course this is quite alarming for us. Do not worry, this can be overcome simply by adjusting the settings in blogger.

Well for those who have experienced similar events, here's easy way how to overcome error when logging in to blogger:

1.Login to your blogger but select the draft. If you have difficulty please click the link http://draft.blogger.com/home

2.Change default language to English language bloggers.

3.Then you signout or out of draft.blogger.com

You're free from error bx-fa9wwp. For checks, please log into blogger general just click www.blogger.com/home, if you managed to enter without terjaringgalat bx-fa9wwp means your blogger account is free from error bx-fa9wwp.
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