3 World's Oldest Trees

This time I will post about a unique and interesting articles. Hope can enhance your knowledge. Usually when the oldest tree in our society are often at the connection between the things mystical. But you can believe it or not, it turns out there are trees older than 4000 years. Woow .. curious?.

This is the third most Old World Tree:

1.Bristlecone Pine 4200 years

Spruce or pine (pine) is a tree of the family Pinaceae that we can find anywhere and anytime as long as the area's sandy calcareous soil, plenty of water or that have a fairly high acidity. We can find this tree starting from Siberia, Scotland, Norway, the Canary Islands, the Philippines, the Himalayas until all corners of New Zealand, Brazil and Chile.

This tree is famous because in addition to live everywhere also have a very high selling power in the timber industry. All the pine trees can be used ranging from wood, sap, twigs, seeds until the leaves have a valuable economic purpose of this commercial really aliasnya tree

Spruce is one of the long-lived tree that can reach the age of about 100-1000 years, and even record to be the oldest tree in the world through the pine species from the Great Basin Bristlecone Pine (Pinus longaeva) who in 2008 was 4840 years old! This tree is between 30-80 meters high but the average height 15-45 meters. The highest tree species from the Sugar Pine, while the shortest is Potosi Pinyon pine and Siberian Dwarf Pine.

2. Jomon Sugi 2000 - 7000 years

According to wikipedia, Jomon sugi is Japan's oldest cypress trees found in 1968, with a height of 25.3 meters with an estimated volume of 300 cubic meters was between 2000-7200 years Yakushima Island is located in the northernmost part of Japan's 40 minutes by plane from Kagoshima Airport .

3. Norway Spruce Ione 9550 years.

Only 4 feet tall, but a kind of pine tree, which still lives in Sweden, known 9550 years old. Life since the last ice age, the tree is listed as the oldest in the world today.

 Ione Norway spruce species was discovered in 2004. The researchers found around the bush mountains at an altitude of 910 meters in the province of Dalarna, Sweden. This tree is not rare because people often use as a Christmas tree.

"He was a very long most likely triggered emampuannya clone yourself," says Leif Kullman, professor eologi and environment at the University of Umea, Sweden. Stems and branches are known to survive for 600 years. Kullman explained, when the stems die, new stems will be formed from the roots so that his age becomes very long.

This tree is older than Bristlecone pines in the White Mountain California only 5,000 years old. The oldest Bristlecone pines survive only up to 7,500 years but grew towering up to 150 meters. If age is measured from the Bristlecone pine tree on branches that are monitored each year, age is measured from the spruce in Sweden in radiocarbon traces its roots.

Kullman stated that trees older than 9550 years impossible. Therefore, the whole area is still covered with ice the possibility of Sweden at that time.

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