Super Computer Able Future Predictions

Humans always think that the future is in the room was so dark. Therefore, any kind of 'observation' was desirable. The model can be various: through mysticism, or the translation of formulas of physics.

Of course there was never a perfect result. However, efforts to 'penerawangan' do not stop. Following a relentless passion to the knowledge of the future, a super computer designed to read the signs of the times.

As quoted from the BBC, a scientist from the Institute for Computing in the Humanities, University of Illinois, United States (U.S.), Kalev Leetaru, argued that a super computer is equipped with millions of information capable of predicting large events in the future.

The computer was able to recognize early symptoms that lead to the revolution in Libya and Egypt recently. In addition, all-powerful computer is no trouble grasping the sign of the late Osama bin Laden, the fugitive terrorist number one U.S.

Information obtained from various sources including the Open Source Center (public information centers), Summary of World Broadcasts (overview broadcast world - now known as BBC Monitoring): both are monitoring the local news content from all corners of the earth.

The computer was given 'intake' 100 million articles. Some elements are scanned by the computer include words such as "bad", "horrible", or "good".

For mencantolkan geographic information processed, the target location is determined, such as the word "Cairo." Then, from the various elements have been defined, the computer will analyze the story by bringing together some 100 trillion possible connections.

Disaggregated data that has been distributed to a computer 'god' named Nautilus SGI Altix at the University of Tennessee.

In the case of Egyptian riot, the computer captures that media coverage in the month when President Hosni Mubarak to resign was cornered, something that previously only happened twice in the last 30 years.

In the last 30 years, nothing serious happened to Mubarak. "However, if you observe the chart, it would seem that the world began to turn away from Mubarak. This time, he can not escape," he said.

To note is that the computer was only able to analyze things that have happened. But, Kalev sure soon they will bring the progress of research means, such as making predictions. "That's the next step," he said.
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