Meaning of the Paypal Limited Access

Yesterday a colleague of mine who still do not understand what's Limited access to Paypal, so I review again what it means to Paypal.Limited Access Access Limited Access means the limit, that is our Paypal account in limiting its use, can not send and attract dollars in paypal kita.Kalo this already quite troublesome for us because we have to send a scanned document about ourselves to paypal to make sure it belongs to our paypal sendiri.Hal it could happen because paypal detect suspicious activity in thought, there are third-party intervention, so for the safety of users then we got a paypal account limited access.

Limited Access existence of any cause and the cause is what we must avoid in order to secure our paypal account, not subject to limited access, because I had also never got it.
Among the causes are:

 1. Substitute for the Internet browser, meaning that if we open a browser paypal pake pake mozilla firefox then try it on, do not change anymore pake internet explorer or another.

2. Substitute for the IP Address, meaning that if we try to open a paypal pake 1 IP Address for 1orang, do not be mendeteksinnya ganti2 because paypal for paypal and this is considered any activity by third parties / other people so affected by limited order keamanan.Karena that we should never time to open a Paypal account through an Internet cafe in the cafe because the IP Address for many orang.Inilah that often occur, including myself, had such .:-(.

3. Just open Paypal can direct large amounts of funds and directly withdraw.

4. Accept payments with a description that is not / less jelas.Jangan enter a word VCC or Virtual Credit Card in the description of the shipment, because paypal does not like VCC.

5. Enter your email and password over and over and over.

6. Got more than 1 paypal account.

7. Often open a paypal account for matters that are not important, try to open a paypal if there is urgent business / to an important need, for example, checking mails and want to transfer dollars.

That's some of the causes we are exposed to a paypal account limited access, and it should be avoided.
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